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AI to be used in Project ELLORA to preserve ‘rare’ Indian languages

Microsoft’s Project ELLORA is assisting small languages such as Gondi and Mundari in becoming digitally literate.

Project ELLORA

  • Microsoft launched Project ELLORA, or Enabling Low Resource Languages, in 2015 to bring ‘rare’ Indian languages online.
  • Researchers are creating digital resources for the languages as part of the project.
  • They claim that their goal is to preserve a language for future generations so that users of these languages can “participate and interact in the digital world.”

How does ELLORA generate a language dataset?

  • The researchers are cataloguing resources, including printed literature, in order to build a dataset for training their AI model.
  • On the project, the team is also collaborating with these communities.
  • Researchers hope to create a dataset that is both accurate and culturally relevant by involving the community in the data collection process.
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