A unique land parcel identification number (ULPIN) is being used to combat land-related illegal activities

President Murmu stressed the significance of instituting a Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN).

What is ULPIN?

  • ULPIN, also known as Bhu-Aadhaar, is a 14-digit Alpha-Numeric Unique ID assigned to each land property.
  • This is the second phase of the Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP), which began in 2008.
  • The identification will be based on the land parcel’s longitude and latitude coordinates and will be dependent on comprehensive surveys and geo-referenced cadastral maps.
  • During the import of the geo-referenced shape file into BhuNaksha, NIC’s cadastral mapping system, ULPIN is generated utilising the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) standards.

The Advantages of ULPIN

  • Misconduct: The introduction of ULPIN and the digitization of land records can considerably minimise unethical and illegal land-related activities. The increased transparency brought about by digitization improves accountability and reduces misconduct.
  • Efficient Land Use: ULPIN will aid in the creation and execution of new programmes by facilitating the proper utilisation of land parcels.
  • Connection to E-Courts: Connecting E-Courts to land records and registration databases provides numerous benefits, including enhanced information accessibility and faster legal processes linked to land disputes.
  • Indestructible documentation: Digitization of land records is useful in times of disasters such as floods and fires since it prevents the loss of papers and speeds up the recovery process.

Impacts on Development and Welfare

  • Developmental and Welfare Implications Digitization serves as a catalyst for informed decision-making and successful resource management by making land information visible and accessible.
  • Effective Scheme Implementation: Linking land records with other government offices makes it easier to conduct welfare programmes like the PM Awas Yojana.
  • Beneficiary identification and targeting: Accurate and up-to-date land data assists in identifying beneficiaries and ensuring targeted distribution of benefits and services.
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