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2023 NATO Exercise Air Defender

  • NATO’s greatest air defence exercise, Air Defender 2023, has recently ended in Germany.
  • The exercise, which comprised 250 military planes, including 100 from the United States, aimed to improve air defence capabilities and deterrence.

Air Defender 2023 is a training exercise

  • The greatest air defence exercise in NATO history: Air Defender 2023 was the largest air defence exercise in NATO history, including participation from several member nations.
  • Increased air defence capability: The exercise aimed to improve NATO troops’ air defence plans, coordination, and interoperability.
  • Despite initial worries, the drill functioned better than expected, causing only minor interruptions to ordinary civilian flights.

Russia Deterrence and Signalling

  • Getting ready for future threats: Air Defender 2023 was planned long before Russia and Ukraine’s crisis erupted. The drill intended to bolster NATO’s deterrence posture and send a strong message to Moscow.
  • German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius hailed the drill as a show of NATO’s commitment to deterrence, adding that Russia would be aware of the large military activity.
  • Addressing previous criticisms: Germany’s military forces, the Bundeswehr, have been chastised for being under-equipped and under-prepared. Germany’s efforts to improve its warfighting capabilities were on display with Air Defender 2023.
  • Positive results: The exercise’s successful execution boosted Germany’s image by proving its readiness and capacity to protect itself and its allies.
  • Human connection: The exercise promoted friendship and teamwork among pilots from other countries, creating a favourable impression of Germany’s hospitality and professionalism.
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