The Urban Learning Internship Programme (TULIP)

More than 25,000 internship opportunities have been advertised under the TULIP program so far.


  • TULIP is a portal developed collaboratively by the Ministry of HRD, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
  • It contributes to reaping the benefits of India’s demographic dividend, as the country is on track to have the world’s largest working-age population in the coming years.
  • It contributes to the increased marketability of Indian graduates and the development of a potential talent pool in fields such as urban planning, transportation engineering, the environment, municipal finance, and so on.
  • It contributes to the government’s efforts to strengthen community partnerships and government-academia-industry-civil society ties.

Need for such a program

  • India has a large number of technical graduates who need exposure to real-world project implementation and planning for professional development.
  • General education may not accurately reflect the breadth of productive knowledge available in society.
  • Rather than approaching education as “doing by learning,” our societies must reimagine education as “learning by doing.”
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