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Map of India’s Export Hubs

The article highlights India’s top exporting districts and their contribution to the country’s overall exports. It also includes data on the top export commodities in each district.

Top Exporting Districts in Each State

  • The diameter of the circle on the map represents the value of exports.
  • Most top exporting districts in the north-eastern states accounted for up to 90% of a state’s exports, while others accounted for only approximately 20% of a state’s exports.

Top Commodities Exported

  • Jamnagar’s domination can be linked to the fact that it accounted for the lion’s share of India’s growing petroleum exports, whilst smartphones were the most exported commodity from Kancheepuram.

Top Exporting Regions by Commodity

  • Petroleum items, precious stones and jewellery, rice, wheat, and other grains, smartphones and electronic parts, non-railway cars, and medicinal products are among them.

Top Exporting Commodity Share

  • Jamnagar’s exports of petroleum products accounted for 67% of India’s total exports of that commodity, while Surat’s exports of precious stones and jewellery accounted for 36% of India’s total exports of that commodity.
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