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Manipur’s Yaoshang festival has begun

  • Manipur’s version of Holi, the Yaoshang festival, has begun.
  • Every year on the full moon of Lamta (February-March) in the Meitei lunar calendar, the Yaoshang festival is held.
  • It begins shortly after sunset and is followed by Yaosang Mei thaba, also known as the Straw Hut Burning.
  • Children, known as nakatheng, go door to door asking for monetary donations.
  • In contrast to Holi, Yaoshang is celebrated in Manipur with a traditional twist.
  • Manipur comes alive during these five days with sporting events during the day and traditional “thabal chongba” dance at night.

The Thabal Chongba Dance is the main attraction

  • The thabal chongba is a Meitei traditional dance in which boys and girls gather in an open field and dance in a circle.
  • However, thabal chongba is now performed throughout the month of Lamta.
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