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Madhya Pradesh’s Gond Painting is designated as a GI item

Madhya Pradesh’s Gond art has been designated as a Geographical Indication (GI).

Gond Art

  • Gond painting is a traditional Madhya Pradesh art form associated with the Gond tribe.
  • Patangarh village in Dindori district is famed for Gond paintings, and every house has an artist.
  • Their work is well-known both in the state and beyond for its distinct style, theme, and motifs.
  • Gond art has been passed down through generations, and it has historically adorned the walls of each artist’s Patangarh home.

Gond Painting Characteristics

  • The beauty of nature is depicted in Gond paintings, which include trees, plants, animals, the moon, sun, river, drains, Gods, and Goddesses.
  • The paintings also depict everyday activities such as cooking, ploughing, and even how the king used to battle.
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