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In the news: Alligator Gar

During the continuing cleaning of Srinagar’s iconic Dal Lake, the Jammu and Kashmir Lake Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA) discovered a rare type of fish known as “Alligator Gar” for the first time.

Alligator Gar

Scientific NameAtractosteus spatula
Size and WeightUp to 8 feet in length, over 300 pounds
AppearanceLong, narrow body; crocodile-like head; sharp teeth
DistributionCentral and North America, freshwater habitats
Fossil RecordTraces back to the Early Cretaceous, over 100 million years ago
Feeding HabitsVoracious predator, feeds on fish, turtles, waterfowl, etc.
ColorationBrown or olive on upper body, lighter underside
LongevityCan live for several decades
Conservation StatusLeast Concerned (IUCN)
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