Call Before u Dig Application

The Prime Minister has introduced the ‘Call Before You Dig’ (CBuD) app to improve coordination between excavation agencies and underground utility owners in order to prevent utility damage caused by digging.

Call First Before You Dig (CBUD)

  • The program is a project of the Ministry of Communications’ Department of Telecommunications.
  • Uncoordinated digging and excavation harm underlying assets such as optical fiber lines, resulting in annual losses of approximately Rs 3,000 crore.
  • The app seeks to protect utilities from harm caused by digging.
  • It will save potential business losses and decrease citizens’ discomfort due to less disruption in critical services such as roads, telecommunications, water, gas, and electricity.

How does the software function?

  • Through SMS/Email notifications and click-to-call, the CBuD app links excavators and asset owners.
  • It guarantees planned excavations throughout the nation while also protecting underground assets.
  • Before beginning excavation work, excavating companies can ask about existing subsurface utilities.
  • Utility owners can learn about upcoming construction at the site.
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